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Longer Length Button Necklaces for Heather

Heather's first custom button necklace

This post is partly to give an example of some of the customised button jewellery I’ve made in the past, but also to show something else: sometimes when somebody asks me to make something, it’s something I haven’t thought of making before, but just one person asking for it has made me realise that actually it’s a great thing to make, and maybe other people would like this too and I should make more of them.

Heather got in touch with me because her favourite button necklace, which she’d had for years, was lost. It wasn’t one that I had made (not-especially-curiously enough, other people aside from me also make button jewellery), so it was constructed a little different to my existing necklaces at the time.

Heather told me she had a metal sensitivity, so her necklace had not had a clasp and was one continuous piece to slip over her head. She wondered if I could make a longer length necklace,and described the colours to me as being a combination of the colour schemes of two necklaces I had for sale at the time.

So I made a longer length necklace according to her instructions.

Turned out she was pretty pleased with it! A few months later she sent me another email, saying she’d raided her mum’s button tin and would like another one made to the same spec, but using the buttons she’d got from her mum. So of course I was very happy to do so.

Heather’s second custom button necklace

And now I’ve started making longer length button necklaces with no metal parts as part of my standard range. You can see them here.