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Burgundy, Teal and Mustard Necklace

This necklace is one of my favourite colour schemes to make. It’s popular with other people too – these tend to sell very quickly!

Burgundy, teal and mustard button necklace
Burgundy, teal and mustard necklace – available here.

I like to think of burgundy, teal and and mustard as “the hipster primary colours” because they’re the kind of colours I used to see on certain type of person in a certain type of coffee shop in the 2010s… I have no idea what sorts of people might go to what sorts of coffee shop these days or in the future, because coffee shops were cancelled for a long time, and types of people may also have been cancelled due to everyone uniformly staying in their houses wearing grey tracksuits, apparently. I didn’t participate in this phenomenon, because I worked from home already (I am VERY FORTUNATE in this, yes) and so continued to wear my normal clothes throughout lockdown.

However, recently I cracked and bought some harem pants from Hush, and to be honest, at all times when they are not in the wash, they are on me. So, yeah. That thing happened to me too, eventually.

Anyway, this is a total digression. Here are some more photos of this new necklace.

Button necklace hanging from wooden structure
Button necklace close up
Burgundy, teal, mustard button necklace

You can get this necklace (or one of its descendants) from here. And you can wear it even if you’re not a hipster, I promise.

[Stay tuned for my future post: What Actually Is a Hipster Anyway? Are They Even a Thing Now?]

[I’m not really going to write that post, so don’t really stay tuned.]