What are your delivery costs?

Minimum £1.50, maximum £2.70 (except for large items), and orders over £25 get free postage.

Please see my delivery page for detailed information.

How do I pay?

The online shopping cart and checkout system works using PayPal. If you have a PayPal account already you're probably familiar with the process. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay using your credit or debit card.

You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer - I'm very happy for you to do this instead of paying online. Just email me your order and I will send you payment details.

I paid using my PayPal account but there was nowhere to fill in my address - what should I do?

Don't panic - this is normal! PayPal saves the address connected with your account and sends it to me when I receive your order.

It is worth making sure that the address connected to your PayPal account is your current one, though - sometimes when people move house, PayPal still defaults to their old address.

How long will it take for my button jewellery to arrive after I've ordered it?

If you are in the UK please allow up to seven working days. If you do need your order fast-tracking, send me a message and I'll give you an estimate of when I'll be able to get it to you.

If you are outside the UK I can't guarantee a definite delivery time - however, I usually post all items [both UK and overseas] within 2 or 3 working days of receiving the order.

Please see my delivery page for more information.

You are based in Britain - can you send jewellery overseas?

Yes, I can post worldwide - just order as normal. The cost of overseas postage is the same as for the UK. The arrival times for non-UK postage will, of course, be longer than those stated, which are for UK postage - non-UK delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Do you make custom jewellery to order?

Yes - if you want a particular item that isn't listed on the site [e.g. a button necklace in a particular colour scheme, very long button earrings, necklaces with a particular size buttons on them etc.] then please send me a message as I may be able to help. Prices will vary, but will usually be based on the price of the most similar item I stock. See my custom orders page for more information.

Please note that during particularly busy periods (i.e. November and December) I am less able to make custom orders due to dealing with Christmas orders - so if you want some custom jewellery for Christmas it's best to start thinking about this in October!

What is your returns policy?

If you change your mind about your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of receipt in its original condition, and I'll refund the money for the item.

Find out more about my returns policy on the returns page.

What if I break my button jewellery item or it is damaged in the post?

All items are guaranteed for two years, so if they break within this period through normal use, you can return them for repairs, absolutely free of charge. Items damaged in the post will be replaced.

Do you supply wholesale orders to shops?

Sometimes I can do this, depending on the size and conditions of the order, and the type of shop. If I think we can work well together, it is possible for me to provide wholesale button jewellery - I have done so a few times in the past. If you are interested in making a wholesale order, please contact me with your suggestions, ideas, requirements, a bit about who you are and what kind of enterprise you have or are setting up. (i.e. a one line email that just asks for my wholesale prices probably won't get a reply. Like most people, I prefer emails that contain information, punctuation, and polite questions, generally, but I do get a fair few that contain none of these...)

Where do you get all your buttons from?

They come from a mixture of places - a lot are old recycled buttons that people have collected in tins and donated or sold to me, some are new old stock from shops that have stopped trading, some are bought from eBay sellers and a few come from local craft shops.

I've got a large collection of buttons that I don't want any more - would you be interested in buying them?

I might well be - send me a message and we can find out...

Do you provide jewellery making tutorials for your products so that I can make them myself? Can you give me advice on how to go into business making button jewellery? Can you tell me which suppliers you use for your materials?

Sorry, no, I don't do any of these things - but there are plenty of button jewellery making guides out there - keep searching...