gifts for tween girls

If you're shopping for a gift for a tween girl, here are my recommended items from my button jewellery shop:

1. Stretchy button charm bracelet: this scrunches up small enough that it will fit over a small wrist, but as it's stretchy, as its owner grows, she won't outgrow the bracelet, so it makes a longer lasting gift. These are available in vintage coloured, eggshell and silver.

2. Button bobby pins - available in a whole rainbow of colours

3. For those tweens with pierced ears, I recommend the micro 6mm button ear studs, which will not look too big on small earlobes (and still look good on larger earlobes too). The posts are solid sterling silver, which is much less likely to cause a bad reaction than non-precious metals.

4. A bespoke button necklace - I can make any of my range of button necklaces in smaller sizes if requested, or even in a different colour scheme - just let me know what your requirements are. The wire necklaces are particularly good for the younger generation as they are made on extra strong wire, which is durable even on very energetic people!

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Everything on is handmade in the UK. The buttons used in the jewellery and accessories are a mixture of old and new, some bought specially to make jewellery from, and others donated or upcycled from vintage button boxes.