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Button Necklaces in Muted Colours – July 2021

I have a big pile of grey buttons, and these look lovely next to slightly more saturated colours, to create subtly coloured necklaces for people who like some softer tones in their outfit. I’ve made three new necklaces – one in blue, one in green and one in burgundy, all mixed in with a variety of grey buttons.

Three button necklaces in burgundy and grey, green and grey, and blue and grey.
Green and grey, burgundy and grey, and blue and grey button necklaces.

Here’s a close-up of them all mixed together:

Muted colours button necklaces

Plus the obligatory “on the wooden board leaning against an apple tree” shot. Although you can’t actually see the apple tree. There’s a nice bit of sage, though.

Button necklaces on a wooden board.

All of these necklaces are available in my shop.

The green and grey one (which I’m half-wondering about keeping, so be quick!) is here.

The blue and grey one is here, and the burgundy and grey one is here.