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New Button Necklaces – June 2021

A few new button necklaces today, which I have photographed in the garden. The garden is being conveniently rampant and provides a nice background at this time of year.

Left to right: summer colours button necklace, bright multicolour button necklace, sandy brown button necklace, teal, burgundy, navy and mustard button necklace

As the light was good, I took a new photo of these vintage grey pearl button stud earrings, which are not new at all, but somehow got left out of my more recent photo sessions in which I photographed all the jewellery on this weathered wooden board. They’ve been the odd ones out in the shop for ages with a plain white background, but today they were finally updated.

Grey pearl stud button earrings
Teal, burgundy, navy blue and mustard necklace detail
close-up detail of the teal, burgundy, navy and mustard button necklace
detail of sandy brown button necklace
Close-up detail of the sandy brown button necklace