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My range of button stud earrings is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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I make button stud earrings in two main sizes at the moment – 9mm and 6mm. There are also a few slightly larger ones, and some in between at 7mm. All of the button studs are mounted on solid surgical steel posts, which come with butterfly backs. Steel is fairly unreactive metal which many people find comfortable to wear in pierced ears, and is a good alternative for sterling silver.

My main range of stud earrings is the 9mm four-hole button studs, which are quite chunky, at 3mm thick. These have a slighty pearlescent sheen to them, and are made with Italian buttons.

I also have some tiny 6mm fisheye button stud earrings, also slightly iridescent.

There are some real shell earrings too, some of which are made with vintage mother of pearl buttons in both grey and off-white.

I also make wooden button earrings, and aran-style mock horn button earrings.

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