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See my range of button necklaces in my Etsy shop, or contact me if you want some bespoke button jewellery.

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I've been making button necklaces ever since one day when I was rushing into the railway station and I passed a woman wearing a necklace that looked like it was made from buttons all strung together with cord. I decided I definitely wanted something like that too, so when I got back home from my train trip I started experimentating with various different necklace-making techniques. Over the years I have developed a way of making button necklaces that I'm truly happy with.

I've been selling button necklaces online since 2005, when I launched my first (extremely basic) web shop with a PayPal "buy it now" button, and was amazed that orders started coming in almost immediately. (The internet was a tiny bit less crowded back in those days...)

I used to sell them in bricks-and-mortar jewellery shops too, but these days the button jewellery is taking a back seat as I focus more on my other activities (music and copyediting).

You'll find the button necklaces that are currently in stock in my Etsy shop. However, if you don't see the exact necklace that you'd like, drop me a line as I may be able to make you a bespoke button necklace.

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